Happy Birthday to Biffbot


Denise D'evil: Hey guys! Long time no see. Who's running the place right now? Feb 10, 2019 9:13:12 GMT -5
Ultimate destroyer: price and black I think Feb 10, 2019 18:50:46 GMT -5
Jayson Price: Tis I indeed. I mostly handle the shows, cards and other fed related stuff. Black acts as the main moderator/admin of the boards to ease my work load. And in a pinch, Singh is an Admin as well. Feb 10, 2019 23:25:09 GMT -5
Jayson Price: No clue what he actually does though... Feb 10, 2019 23:25:18 GMT -5
robertsimmons: Sorry for the last minute RP. I suck, guys. Feb 10, 2019 23:55:48 GMT -5
Jayson Price: Hey you don't suck! You posted! Feb 10, 2019 23:59:20 GMT -5
Speede: Yeah, I mean, guess who didn't? Feb 11, 2019 0:00:38 GMT -5
Speede: Kidding, I actually wrote something this week. Feb 11, 2019 0:00:47 GMT -5
Jayson Price: LOL oh Roy Feb 11, 2019 0:05:09 GMT -5
Vincent Augustine: I had forgotten about the alpha title i won but apparently its been a big topic last two weeks for my opponents. lol Feb 11, 2019 0:24:05 GMT -5
Teo Blaze: This Chatbox needs a laugh track. Feb 11, 2019 0:34:36 GMT -5
Jayson Price: Or alchohol Feb 11, 2019 13:26:33 GMT -5
Alex Richards: why not both? Laughing Drunks for the win! Feb 11, 2019 14:27:28 GMT -5
WCF Results Account: Slam up! Feb 11, 2019 22:09:50 GMT -5
WCF Results Account: Starting work on a card now, shouldn't be toooo long. Feb 11, 2019 22:10:08 GMT -5
robertsimmons: Will have to apologize to those in my match this week. Due to my shifts being moved around this week, I haven't had the chance to really work on an RP this week. I'm sorry. Feb 17, 2019 23:04:47 GMT -5
Matt Draven: Sorry everybody, I didn't get started until late and I ended up taking too much time on a different rp. Should you feel the need to reprimend me then feel free. At this point I would just be done with me. Sorry. :( Feb 17, 2019 23:55:35 GMT -5
Teo Blaze: Teo for one has nothing but good things to say about you, for the record. Feb 18, 2019 0:00:32 GMT -5
Morbid Wolf: Speede/Rabid vs Slayer/Far Cry done, and sent Feb 18, 2019 9:54:01 GMT -5
John Rabid: Thank you mister wolf Feb 18, 2019 11:43:50 GMT -5